Builders at heart, transformers in practice. We build homes and transform lives and communities

Our Process

Builders of Beautiful Homes

Our homes are functional and promote the happy interaction between location and sur­roundings. We have NAILED IT when we deliver on our promise. The promise of Timeli­ness, Customer Satisfaction and agreed upon budget. We have fewer defects and our interactions are interactions of trust and confidence.

Transformers of Customers’ Lives

We aspire to leave our customers better than when they first met us. We want them to come out of a BUILDING engagement saying they are better for having worked and bonded with us. They love the interpersonal experience we give them. We have NAILED IT when we hear them say “There’s something different about Be Builders” and we embrace that.

Builders of Truly special TEAM Members

We expect great things from our internal team members and franchisees and we train them accordingly. We know that the Master Carpenter’s principles when applied to work lead to success. It requires hard work, sacrifice, love, abundant faith in our ability to call down power beyond our own. We aspire to have our Team members recognize their inner strength. To realize they are capable of things beyond what they thought possible. We have NAILED IT when we hear them say “The day I joined Be Builders, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve grown more in my time with the community than at any other time in my life”.

Builders of Strong Vendors and Trade Partners

We value them and we know we are only as good as our least motivated Sub Contractor. Therefore, we seek to create an environment of trust with our vendors and subs by paying a fair rate quickly. In turn, they agree to act in a way that honors their craft especially in the presence of customers. When we have NAILED IT with our we hear “Be Builders is good to us; we trust them; we are going to always give them a priority.”

Transformers of Communities

We cherish the locations we build. We know that building a community is important with every home we create. Our communities will be better when we support and contribute to the growth of our cities and towns. We have NAILED IT when we sponsor and take part in youth activities and city councils and when we cause as much disruption to established neighbors as possible during each build job.

We are works in progress of the Master Builder

Because we publish and aspire to lofty ideals, we know that we will at times fall short but we continue to strive for these lofty values. When we make mistakes, we are dedicated to fixing it. We hope to not be off putting to others. We can’t choose how others react to us but we can be humble. We are tools in the hands of the Master Carpenter striving to adhere to his master blueprint.. We are constantly being adjusted, sharpened and honed. When we have NAILED IT, we are humble, loving and teachable.


Glade Jones-Founder/CEO
David Nielsen: Co-Founder/COO
Camden Jones: Portfolio Manager
Baylee Jones: Sales
Stephanie Nielsen: Contract Manager
Cory Taylor: Field Team
Dave Farr: Field Team